Safety Anchor Hire


About the Safety Anchor

The Safety Anchor is a non-penetrating, portable, deadweight anchor device designed for use on roofs with up to a 5 degree pitch for temporary or permanent applications where the installation of passive or collective protection, such as guardrails, or permanent anchor devices is not viable.

The anchor utilises a central pedestal (attachment point) to raise the height at which the arrest force is applied and so reducing the distance the anchor device moves during a fall-arrest event.

Provides total fall protection for a single worker for fall arrest or two workers in restraint if they remain at least 500mm away from the fall hazard. It is designed for use with personal protection equipment, such as a harness and lanyard. For use on all roof surfaces, including single-ply membrane, asphalt, concrete, stone chippings (brushed) and mineral felt. 

Hiring Enquiries

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